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Motivation, unity, inspiration, and confidence are essential for every team's success. As a coach, your greatest achievement lies in unlocking the true potential of your team.

Let our training wear elevate your team's performance and togetherness to new heights! πŸš€

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Being a coach can be quite a juggling act! You have to plan for training, prepare for competitions, set new goals – never a dull moment! However, keeping the team motivated everyday, confident, and united can be the real challenge.Β 

You absolutely know that they can really thrive with the right teamwear, that can really make the team whole and empowered, but you just don’t seem to have the time to take care of the matter? Leave it to us! We will make sure to understand your requirements and preferences, and we will find you the perfect training set for your team.Β 

Never again will your team arrive in competition without identity, never again attend a gymnastics event and feel out of place, never again will your gymnasts feel they are alone in their struggles. You are a team! And we will make sure everyone knows it.

We Inspire Gymnasts, We Unite Teams.

This is what we do to make a difference ✨


Need a little proof? πŸ”Ž

We stand out as the sole specialized training equipment company in Portugal and one of the most esteemed in Europe.

Our track record includes outfitting more than 100 teams across seven different countries. Moreover, we take great pride in being the official sponsors in training wear of the Portuguese Gymnastics Federation.

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There are many cases where there are few boys in a gymnastics team, so we make sure they get the best service too. No need for minimums in these cases.

We do not make physical samples, but we can do a digital mockup of your model and color - and even add your customizations in it - so you can really have an image on what will be the final result.

This mockup is only made when requested and has an additional cost of 30€ (vat excluded).

To request a quote, simply send an email to hello@mp-gymnastics.com with the subject "Request for Teamwear Quote."

Include this info: which model is your choice, how many units will you need, the Club’s information (name, address and VAT if applicable).

We can make an extra 10% discount for above 100 units of the same model and color.

This discount will not apply in future orders of the same teamwear, with less units.

Payment is accepted via Bank Transfer.

You can expect your team order to arrive in 3 to 5 weeks after deciding the model, total units and colors, as well as making a 30% down payment (deposit).

We do not charge shipping costs for the team's orders made in the EU.

Simply get in touch with us at hello@mp-gymnastics.com, mention your Club and your needs. The minimum quantity for this type of order is 5 units of the same model and color.