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Washing Instructions

Transfer of color or discolor can happen, especially when dark and light colors are combined in the same product. This is a commom problem in the textile industry that becomes more regular in certain conditions, for example: if the product is left to dry over other fabric. MP Gymnastics does not take responsibility and does not exchange products because of color transfer or discolor situations in the fabric.

Every MP article should be taken care of according to important rules to extend their durability. We ensure that superior quality fabric and complementary materials are used in our production; even so, any lycra-based products should be considered fragile, demanding extra care:
- The washing should be delicate, by hand and with excessive water flow. The water should be cold;
- The articles should be washed seperately and turned inside out;
- You should only use soft detergents;
- They should not remain in the washing water;
- They should be dried with a clean towel firstly and hanged in a plastic hanger to dry. Do not expose them to direct sunlight;
- Do not use softners;
- Do not dry clean or iron. 

Some lycras can lose their shine or color when in contact with certain sweat's Phs or deodorants. We do not take responsibility for losses of shine, stains or discolor of the fabrics after being used.



You can exchange your product for 15 days after your purchase, as long as the product is not damaged. 

In case you need to send your product for exchange, you can do it at MP Gymnastics's expense. You should previously contact us via email to explain your situation, and we can help you resolve the issue.