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Our Gymnastics Products

MP gymnastics apparel is born and handmade in Portugal. Our products are created with care, featuring the highest quality materials and the best production techniques such as sublimated prints, resilient seams and innovative finishing details.

We carefully select our manufacturers and work closely with them to ensure the highest standards for our garments. The best performing lycra, elastics, and threads are selected to suit the functionality of the product for the extreme movements of a gymnast, and we always seek out new and innovative fabrics.

The identity of our products lies in the quality of the materials and the bright colors of our collections. Our products mix fun with elegance and style.

We are committed to have sustainable products that truly respect the health of our planet and further generations. That’s why all our collections are eco-friendly, made with plastic waste taken from the ocean.
Made in Portugal, from the sea to your training.

About MP

MP Gymnastics was born in 2016 by the hand of an ex-gymnast, member of the national team of Acrobatics in Portugal. After living and breathing gymnastics for 16 years, she felt she could make a difference by creating a brand of gymnastics apparel that could truly be what gymnasts needed, and didn’t have at the time.

MP Gymnastics is inspired by training, the day to day life of a gymnast. We believe that training is where everything begins and where champions are made. We make it our mission to empower gymnasts, to make them feel beautiful, confident and comfortable, so they can be perfectly focused on reaching their goals, or just having a lot of fun!

Image copyright: Federação de Ginástica de Portugal (FGP)

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