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MP Gymnastics x Portuguese Acrobatics Team

Since 2017, MP Gymnastics has proudly sponsored the Acrobatics National Team, and this honor comes with a deep sense of responsibility.

We are honored to be entrusted with the creation of the National Teamwear, and we approach this responsibility with steady dedication: every piece we created was meticulously designed to reflect the pride and glory of representing one's country.

The design of our National team leotard is a heartfelt tribute to the rich history and remarkable achievements of our gymnasts, both as a unified team and as representatives of our nation: incorporating elements that pay homage to the past, this leotard embodies the spirit of our collective conquests.

Wearing this leotard is not just a representation of personal achievement; it is a statement of our shared journey as a team and as a country.

It encapsulates the pride, determination, and camaraderie that define our gymnastic heritage and the bright future that lies ahead.

Our commitment to gymnastics extends to a profound appreciation for the diverse journeys of athletes, recognizing that in gymnastics, each individual's path is a complex interplay of dedication, perseverance, and passion.

We recognize that in the world of gymnastics, there are two distinct chapters: one for the young aspirants and another for the seasoned seniors. Both deserve to be cherished and celebrated, which is why we have meticulously designed two distinct training sets to honor each stage of this remarkable journey.

Age Groups' Teamwear

Filipe Santana, a clothing designer and former Acrobatics National Team athlete, was selected to create the training set due to his deep comprehension of athletes' requirements.

In his own words: "Regarding the design, I drew inspiration from the elements of the Portuguese Flag and deconstructed them. Armillary spheres can be observed on the sides of the leotard to create a slimmer and more elegant silhouette. Concerning the colors, I employed somber and darker shades from the Portuguese Flag: red and green. For the background, I went with a more neutral color, not white but beige, which is meant to complement the skin tone of every athlete."

Senior Teamwear

For our esteemed senior gymnasts, who have refined their skills through years of dedication and passion, we offer a training set that exudes sophistication and maturity.

The seniors' leotard shares a similar design to the one created for the younger athletes, with the same heartfelt intention of paying homage to and honoring their predecessors who paved the way for their success.

However the choice of a black leotard within this training set is deliberate, symbolizing trust and confidence. It mirrors the unwavering trust and belief that these athletes have in themselves and the profound confidence they exude when they step onto the floor. Black, as the backdrop, underlines the resilience and inner strength cultivated over years of training and competition.

The leotard not only enhances their performance but also serves as a visual representation of the grace and wisdom they've acquired over the years. It's a testament to their journey of triumphs and obstacles, and a training wear for athletes who are the embodiment of experience in the world of gymnastics.

Whether you're a young prodigy just starting your gymnastics journey or a senior with a wealth of experience, our leotards are thoughtfully designed to celebrate your commitment to the sport and empower you to shine on every stage.

At MP Gymnastics, we deeply understand the significance of teamwear and the transformative impact it has on empowering athletes and that's why we are committed to ensuring that every team, be it the national team or any other, experiences the unifying power it brings.

We're here to bring athletes together and make them shine, through our teamwear.

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