Care Guide

Hello, leotard lover!

We're thrilled you've chosen our fantastic pieces to accompany those incredible routines ✨

To keep your training wear flipping fantastic, check out our awesome care guide below. Stick with these tips, and your leotards will stay in winning condition!

Wash and Tumble

Treat each leotard like a solo act – wash 'em one at a time to prevent any color clashes. Before the wash party begins, turn those leotards inside out. It's like giving them a superhero cape to battle wear and tear.

Keep the wash gentle

These leotards are delicate dancers. Go for the delicate cycle, or hand wash, if you're feeling fancy. Show some cool hand moves while washing with cold water. Cold is the gymnast's secret weapon against shrinkage. Choose a soft detergent, because harsh stuff just isn't on the guest list.

Soak and Dry Savvy

Leotards are like gymnasts – they're not fans of long soaks. Quick dips only, then it's showtime. After the wash, gently squeeze out the water and get ready for the next act.

Lay those leotards flat on a cozy towel – it's their post-performance relaxation spot. If they need reshaping, give 'em a little nudge. Keep the spotlight off them while drying – no direct sunlight, please. Sun can be a fading diva.

Special Moves

Beware of intense sweat and strong deodorants. These leotards like to keep things drama-free, so keep 'em apart. Be picky with personal care products to ensure these leotards keep their superstar shine.

Strict No-Nos

Dry cleaning is like sending them to a boring lecture. Skip it – those chemicals aren't in their fan club. Ironing is a big nope. Leotards and heat? They're not dance partners. Keep it cool.

Now you're set to be the maestro of leotard care! If you need more tips, don't hesitate to reach out. Your leotards are ready to keep dazzling in the spotlight ✨

Thank you for choosing us for your gymnastics' journey! 🤸‍♀️