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Unlock the treasure trove with our wholesale program! Snap up our ready-to-ship leotards at exclusive wholesale prices. MP Gymnastics isn't just about big profits – we're your marketing sidekick, offering eye-catching products that set you apart. With fresh releases 6 to 8 times a year, you'll always have something unique to offer.

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To become a shining MP Gymnastics Stockist, you've got to be a registered business. Whether you rock a store, a retail spot, or an online shop, we're all ears. Just show us your retail magic!

Why pick MP Gymnastics?

. A brand that truly cares about your profit? Check!

. Products that make your customers' hearts leap? Double check!

. Crafted with care in textile wonderland - Portugal? Triple check!

. Sustainable fabrics and production that winks at the planet? Absolutely!

. We're your marketing squad, ready to roll in all your needs and ideas. 

. Our brand is a true crowd-pleaser!

. Ordering is a breeze and delivery is always on time.

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