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Introducing our elite gymnastics practice Tall blocks, designed to improve your skills and techniques. These blocks are your ultimate tool for perfecting handstands and mastering intricate transitions, whether you're training at home or in the gym. With three stunning color options - Wood, Pink, and Blue - elevate your gymnastics prowess to new heights while making a statement: It's time to take your skills to the next level and stand out in style!

Please be aware that these Blocks are made to order which may take two to  three weeks to deliver, due to the meticulous care we invest in every piece.

If you're considering placing a larger order for your team, we encourage you to reach out to us directly via email: hello@mp-gymnastics.com


BTW, we're spoiling our Portugal Mainland customers with free shipping on Blocks Collection's orders. 🤩 And extending it to Portuguese Islands on Blocks Collection's orders up to 10kg! 🤩🤩

Product Features

Each pair of Tall Blocks weighs a total of 1.5 kg and measures 30 cm in length, 30 cm in width, and 43 cm in height. These dimensions make them the ideal size for practicing handstands and transitions with stability and ease.

Natural Beech Wood and Pine Wood

You've just scored your very own Gymnastics Blocks, and it's time to show it some love.
Here are some tips to keep it shining and sparkling:

Keep It Glam & Clean
Give that gorgeous wood surface a quick wipe with a damp cloth every so often. Sweat and chalk can't dull your shine!
Oh, and forget those heavy-duty cleaners. Just a gentle wipe-down will do.

Chalk & Grips Lovin'
If you're all about that chalk and grips life, make sure to pamper them too. A little soap and a drop of water in a clean cloth will keep them feeling fresh and fabulous.
Shake off any extra chalk to keep things smooth and not too slippery.

Stay Dry & Pretty
Your gear hates getting wet, so keep it away from moisture and humidity. Wood and frizz don't mix!

Stash It in Style
When it's time for a break, tuck your training item into a chic spot, away from harsh sunlight. We're all about that glam, not that tan!

Glam Inspection
You should do a quick check for loose parts, signs of wear, or anything that might need a little extra attention.

If you need to take your gear on a fabulous adventure, make sure to pad it up and secure it like a pro

Glam Safety
Always, always, always use the most elegant and proper technique during your gymnastics sessions. Safety and style go hand in hand!