Pastel Blue Handstand Leotard

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Introducing the Pastel Blue Handstand Leotard – a perfect fusion of comfort and style to make your heart skip a beat. 💕

Revel in the fabulous feel, boasting a captivating back adorned with vibrant elastic bands in delightful designs. Embrace your inner diva with subtle sophistication. 

Subtle Sophistication

The pastel blue front displays a subtle sophistication, ensuring that you stand out for your skills while maintaining an understated and refined appearance.

Stunning Back Design
An enchanting fusion of vibrant yellow elastic bands adorning the back, infusing a lively charm.

Unmatched Confort
Experience the sensation of comfort like never before as the yellow elastic bands embrace your body with a gentle, yet secure hold.

This assurance of unrestricted movement allows you to center your attention entirely on your performance, with each twist and turn becoming effortlessly graceful and fluid.


Our gymnast is wearing a size 12 in these photos. 

To find out the size that best suits you check our sizing chart bellow..

Product Features

Discover the unique attributes that define our identity

Signature MP's Logo
The MP's Logo stands out with its radiant sparkle, crafted from dazzling stones, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to the piece.

78% Recycled Polyamide; 22% Elastane

- Wash each piece separately to avoid color mixing.
- Turn items inside out before washing to protect them.
- Use a gentle cycle or hand wash with cold water.
- Quick dips, no extended soaking.
- Opt for soft, mild detergents to keep your clothes happy.

- Gently squeeze out excess water after washing.
- Lay your items flat on a towel to dry, reshape if needed.
- Keep them away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Special Care
- Avoid strong sweat and deodorants, as they can affect color and shine.
- Choose personal care products wisely to maintain quality.

- Skip dry cleaning, as it can harm fabrics.
- Don't iron; heat is not their friend.

Remember these tips and your gymnastic wear will stay in top-notch condition, ready to shine with every performance! 🤸‍♀️